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College Football Saturday: Bowl Game Edition

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

And they're off! The bowl games are getting started today and we have a whole FIVE games to watch today. If you want a complete list of the games, and days, click here for SB Nation's cool infographic.

Mountain West Conference-mates New Mexico and San Jose State kick off in the New Mexico Bowl and Cure Bowl respectively. I will, legitimately, be rooting for both as any wins in these games do reflect well on the conference. Do not need the down MWC year to extend to the bowl games.

And, of course, the game we will all be wanting to see: Utah vs BYU. Why?

While I do not believe anyone wants to see anyone hurt, we are still creatures that are drawn to titillation. So this thing could up even worse than:

The coaches did try to prevent quell this sort of action. But lets face it: these teams hate each other and no amount of rhetoric is going to stop years of this stuff.

Your Turn

Have fun watching today's games, folks. Hopefully they are entertaining.