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Wake Up Bronco Nation 12-17-2015: Boise State NIU Odds

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

BSU Fans and Coaches Have High Expectations for Team

In a promotional presser prior to BSU traveling to Sandy Ego, Harsin addressed the issue of meeting the high expectations of a fanbase spoiled by winning. Truly, this season has been an anomaly in Boise State’s recent history (with the exception of Petersen’s last season). I just take heart in knowing we can go out on the season with a bang, rather than a beatdown.

Boise State Lands Big(!) Auburn OL Transfer

I know Drew wrote about this yesterday, but here’s a link, anyway. This is what I get paid the big bucks to do!

Anyway, about Will Adams… Well, he’s large. 6-7, 303 lbs. large. He’s an offensive tackle, who’s opted to spend his last year of eligibility protecting young Mr. Rypien from being pinballed too much.  I think he saw film of some of our games and just felt sorry for our QB.

"I can help that kid win the Heisman," said he.

And we were invited to the Playoffs and won a National Championship and everyone was happy the end.

JuCo Transfer WR Wilson Signs with Broncos

Rather than go play Beamer Ball, Cedrick Wilson made a decision to join Boise State’s team after watching our 2010 season opener.

"I really like this Kellen Moore fella," said he. "I’d like to play with him."

(I’m not going to tell him…)

Boise State vs. NIU Betting Odds, Pick

Under the Bleacher Report is releasing their early pick for the Poinsettia Bowl, and they have actually chosen wisely. I normally would wait to publish this info in a "Who’s Betting on Boise State" article, but it’s here now, and so here it is.

(Hey, is that a link to OBNUG in the sidebar?)

Another Poinsettia Bowl Prediction

This one via Campus Insiders. The final score? BSU 34- NIU 17.