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OBNUG's College Football Bowl Pick 'em

To the victor goes the bragging rights.

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OBNUG Bowl Pick 'em Madness!

As the 2015 college football season winds down, we get to enjoy the holidays and the last of college football. This year we are treated to forty-two games to pick and a couple of 5-7 teams. At the end of the day, we will probably still watch these less than stellar teams play because football.

We will also make bold predictions about who is going to beat whom and which team is going to have a player punch another player in the upper thigh. If you want to etch your name in eternal glory, or personal bragging rights, you should join us in making selections. Click here to get set up in our group. [EDIT: Kevan still has a group open so, if you prefer the man, the myth, the legend's group, click here.]

The group is pretty basic in that the selections are straight up. No confidence points. I am not sure about you, but just picking the teams is one thing, how "confident" I am in that selection is another thing entirely. Especially going through ranking how bad I think Nevada is going to beat Colorado State (a game that is not going to broadcast, like, at all). The confidence picking takes forever in what should be over in five minutes.

One of the fun things ESPN has done is also including the FCS Celebration Bowl. Not sure what, exactly, we are supposed to be celebrating, but it is football on ABC. (And I cannot over emphasize the fact that an exhibition game between two FCS teams that are playing simply they won a few games will be aired on ABC. They do not have an impact on the FCS playoffs. Nevada and Colorado State? Not broadcast on any channel. You have to watch on the interwebs.) The two teams playing have pretty good records, so the game itself should be decent.

Your Turn

Make some guesses. Watch some games. Bask in the glow of Idaho not taking to the football field for the next couple of months. Do NOT ask me for advice as it will most invariably be wrong. Also do not grouse about the fact there may be too many bowl games. I, for one, welcome our new bowl game overlords. Good luck. Have Fun.

Go Broncos.