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Wake Up Bronco Nation 12-16-2015: One NIU QB Returns

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Silent Commit to Boise State Identifies Self

When Bryan Harsin tweets "Go Broncos!" we all know there’s been a new commit to Boise State. However, three of the commits hadn’t yet identified themselves until yesterday, when DB De’Andre Peirce confirmed his commitment on Twitter. Pierce is 5’11", 175 lbs., and would be willing to play safety, too. (With Thompson leaving after this season, I’m glad there will be lots of competition for the secondary spots!)

Peirce summed up his feelings in these words:

"I wanted Boise State just as badly as they wanted me. It was a mutual connection."

Oh, and speaking of Thompson…

Thompson Makes All-American Team

Darian Thompson was the lone Bronco to receive All-American honors this year, making the third team. I wonder how much difference one guy makes—If he was healthy the last two games, do we win one more and give him an extra game to improve his stats in the MWC championship game? I know it’s all hypothetical, but that’s the fun of sports to me: The war-gaming before a game, the "what-if" scenarios which could never be played out on a field for one reason or another…

Needless to say, I think Thompson is The Dude, and he will be missed at BSU!

NIU Quarterback Graham Back for Poinsettia Bowl

This is great news! I wanted this game to be competitive, and NIU having Ryan Graham back will help them immensely. He has been great, filling in for injured starting quarterback Drew Hare. He led the upset over then-undefeated Toledo.

Stop me if this sounds familiar: Graham ("HENDRICKS!!!" Wait, let me finish) is a freshman quarterback who is also the nephew of an NFL player who played through the 90s.

This article also has a lot of other interesting tidbits on the Huskies. Good read!