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Boise State Game Balls for Week of December 6th

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

With the long, cold, non-college football time almost upon us the other sports are going to have to "fill in" and make do. So which Boise State Broncos stood out this week? Let's take a look.

Game Ball One:

Brooke Pahukoa (basketball)

brooke pahukoa

After a missed appearance in the Washington State loss (which she was sorely missed) Ms. Pahukoa made up for the loss time with a team high 19 points, 8-16 field goal shooting, 2-5 beyond the arc, she also recorded 4 assists. Pahukoa is a reliable scorer, and can make her presence felt pretty early. Good to have her back.

Game Ball Two:

James Webb, III (basketball)

james webb

When Mr. Webb "does his thing" he does it well. Rebounding, dunking the ball, being awesome. It is kind of what he does. And this week, he did the dang thing. Versus Loyoyla Marymount he reeled off 17 points, and ten rebounds. Only other guy on the court who matched that kind of production was a dude whose last name was Jacko (12 points, 14 rebounds). Mr. Webb also had a decent game in the win against Oregon, 12 points and five rebounds. He was also 4-4 at the free throw line. Which is good. Believe it or not, Webb is only a 56% free throw shooter on the season. The only guy on the roster who is worse is Haney (25%) and that is only because he's shot four free throws. Total. Anyway, Webb chose a very good game to go 100%. So good job Webb!

Game Ball Three:

Mikey Thompson (basketball)

As far as stats go, during the Loyola Marymount game, Mr. Thompson's were not "out of this world." Only posting six points, two rebounds, and an assist. But where he got half of his point total happened at THE most crucial point of the game. With 18 seconds left in the game, Thompson made a drive, and layup, that tied the game at 66. He was fouled on the drive and, well, was able to put the Broncos ahead 67-66. With three seconds left, Brandon Brown, of LMU tried a desperation three, but missed. A foul on Hutchison put the ball squarely back in the Bronco's hands, and the game wrapped up.

Game Ball Four:

Shay Shaw (basketball)

shalen shaw

Ms. Shaw had herself a game despite a losing effort to Idaho State. Shaw had 32, 32 POINTS, by herself to go with seven rebounds. Shaw accounted for 42% of the Bronco's offensive output. That's ok, I guess. She also led the Broncos in rebounds, and assists (tied for three with Yaiza Rodriguez). You should expect for he name to appear here more often. And she totally deserves a MWC player of the week award. It is not football, so this could actually come true.

Your Turn

Heading into the holiday season much, if any, sports-related competition is going to slow. Anyone have any suggestions? How about that crowd in the Taco Bell Arena? Getting over 10,000, and causing a ruckus, was pretty neat. Anything else?