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Saturday College Football Gamethread

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Believe it or not folks, but there is college football to be had to today. The "big" one for FBS is the Army vs Navy game. And Navy gets to boast these really slick helmets.

Got to say, the designers this year have been pretty on point with their creativity this year. From the Boise State Halloween helmets.

To the UCLA SEALs frogman.

Can't complain about the availability of sweet gear.

And Army is joining in on the fun.

So enjoy today's Army/Navy game (and see the possibility of BYU's new head coach).

But if that does not satiate your appetite for college football, you can also tune in to the FCS level and watch actual playoff ball.

University of Northern Iowa plays against North Dakota State at 12 p.m. eastern on the ESPN mothership in one quarterfinal matchup.

Colgate and Sam Houston State is the other game, but also at 12 p.m. eastern on ESPN 3. Kind of a lost opportunity there. You may be able to see former Boise State player Eric Agbaroji for the Bearkats.