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Boise State versus Oregon Previews

The 24th ranked Oregon Ducks will be making an appearance at the Taco Bell Arena. The Broncos need a solid win going into the conference schedule. Will they be able to get it at home?

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

The Boise State Broncos tip off against the 24th ranked Oregon Ducks tonight at the Taco Bell Arena tonight at 5 p.m. The Broncos have not lost to a team they were "supposed" to beat so far this season. And, well, the flip side is also true in that they have lost to every ranked team so far, and Montana.

To get your shooty hoops juices flowing, here are some primers for tonight.

CBS Sports notes that both of the Ducks', and the Broncos', leading scorers from last year have gone:

Oregon (7-1) was led last season in scoring by Joseph Young, who averaged 20.7 points before graduating.

But, unfortunately for the Ducks, his replacement, Tyler Dorsey, has been out with a knee injury. That knee injury probably had led to the Ducks falling to UNLV.

For the Broncos, the "go to" was Marks:

Last year we always knew that Derrick was going to get that last shot, it's not going to be the same this year," coach Leon Rice said. "It isn't going to just be one guy every night."

Rice had even address that very point in the post game presser after Loyola Marymount.

The "[i]t's going to be different guys" statement is what could have an impact in any potential end-game situation. Mikey Thompson, against LMU, was "that" Bronco that stepped up when needed. Whichever Bronco has the intention of stepping up and making that "crucial" shot is going to have to be identified and leaned on.

Even Rice's "controversial" Oregon remark was noted in reference to getting the crowd out to Taco Bell Arena:

"They are a really good team," Rice said. "We need to get this place sold out. We need to get Bronco Nation to come out and hate the Ducks as much as they do. They can help us win the game."

Speaking of, Rice has since then apologized for using the word.

In another preview of the game from Taylor Sturm, of RantSports, he was a little more direct:

This game could also be a way for us to see how the PAC-12 might play out a little early, as Boise State was stomped twice by the Arizona Wildcats. Watch for Oregon to win easily in a game that will look much better down the road once Boise State starts facing above-average teams instead of ranked teams.

A little less faith in the Broncos' ability to match up very well with Oregon. His ultimate prediction is an Oregon win, 78-69.

The Broncos have the ability to be a dangerous matchup for any team. If Drmic and Duncan can get hot, and go on solid runs, if Webb can dominate the boards (use his athleticism to create opportunities) and if the Broncos' defense can clamp down, they could force the Ducks' into making late game mistakes. Unfortunately the late--close--game situations can get the Broncos in trouble. Add to the refs providing more struggles with early foul troubles when Broncos try to get aggressive.

Broncos need the win. Here is to them getting it.

Your  Turn

The Broncos are going to need all the help they can get. Hopefully they will be getting it from the crowd.

Will you be able to be there for the game?