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The MWC with Possibility of Expansion?

The Mountain West may be looking to expand. Would that be to Boise State's benefit?

Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

Because we can never NOT talk about expansion, it has come to light that the MWC is, indeed, looking to expand as well:

Conference USA members Rice and Texas-El Paso are being mentioned as possible Mountain West Conference expansion candidates as the MWC begins regularly scheduled meetings this weekend, multiple sources told CBS Sports.

That speculation is coming off the heels that the Big 12 may not be able to get away with only having 10 members, and a deregulated championship game (and also weird math):

Under current rules, conferences must have at least 12 teams and two divisions. The Big 12 is the only Power 5 conference without a championship game but was looking forward to the option of considering one with its current 10-team format.

Delany (Big Ten commish and also supporter of weird math) is not for expanding for the sake of expanding, but just wants divisional champions to play instead of a top two. The deregulated conference championship would give the Big 12 the option to just play the top two.

Adding one, or two, to the MWC seems a bit odd. Especially considering that the MWC was not interested in expansion just a bit ago.

And a here are a few names to ponder since laughter is the best medicine and all.

Hang on...gotta clean off my monitor from the full spit-take I just did. Doubtful.

But the thought have having Idaho back in the same conference with Boise State is going over just as well with Broncos' fans as one would assume.

Not well.

Your Turn

We'll never get away from expansion, so we may as well address it. Would Rice and UTEP be good fits as old WAC members? There a chance Boise State would go for this?