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Boise State with the Bulk of the MWC TV Payout

Boise State has positioned itself to get a lot of money from the MWC in TV bonus. It is no surprise the Broncos got the most. But who else got a payout?

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Now that the football regular season has come and gone, the end of the year reflections are coming out. Reviews of the state of programs, how teams/conferences did, what programs accomplished over the year. One of those topics that are always inevitably reviewed?


So the Coloradan decided to take a look at the money dispersement from the MWC. And the outcome?


MW Football TV Bonus Payouts:

  • Boise State: $1.6 million
  • Nevada: $880,000
  • San Diego State: $880,000
  • Wyoming: $880,000
  • Fresno State: $680,000
  • Utah State: $680,000
  • Air Force: $580,000
  • UNLV: $380,000
  • CSU: $80,000
  • New Mexico: $80,000
  • San Jose State: $80,000

There is a reason for animosity (from other schools in the MWC) towards Boise State.

But at least people want to actually see Boise State games?

What does the above tell us? No "national" audiences saw any of their games. Yes, CBS Sports carried the Colorado State home game versus Boise State, but it did not qualify for the national bonus. So that means that Colorado State only got money from the new payout structure:

Instead of a team taking the normal payout for playing a nationally-televised game against Boise State, the money Broncos’ opponents would normally receive is pooled and distributed evenly to the 10 other Mountain West programs (Hawaii is not eligible for TV bonus money).

That avoids the problem that UNLV had last year when they got no TV money:

Consider: In the first two years of the league’s deal with CBS and ESPN, Boise State football will have made a conference-high $3.7 million from the Mountain West’s bonus system, which pays schools a specific amount for appearing on certain channels. Nine other schools (Hawaii isn’t eligible) will have made anywhere from $2.4 million to $300,000.UNLV will have made zero.

The TV money thing is a moving target. And the conference is getting bettER regarding distribution, but the discrepancy is still alarming. While Broncos fans do not have qualms, other teams (and administrations) do have legitimate concerns. While it is doubtful Boise State would willingly cough up revenue, perhaps a better balancing of distribution would help ease the suffering.

Your Turn

While it is no surprise that Boise State took the lion's share, how surprising was it that Wyoming was tied for second? Or that Colorado State did not garner any bonus money on their own? Or if it was not for the one game against Boise State on Halloween, UNLV would have only made $80,000 as well?

It is going to be a long offseason folks.