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Boise State Men Take Fourth in Wooden Legacy Tournament: Wake Up, Bronco Nation 12-1-15

I'm writing this the night before, because early, so you might know the results of the MWC Player Awards by the time you read this.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Boise State Men Lose to Arizona a Second Time

In the game for third place in the Wooden Legacy Tournament, Boise state lost to Arizona (again), by a score of 68-59. But take some consolation in this: First, we had to beat a tandem of giants from UC Irvine, and then we lost to #3 Michigan State by 10 points. While a loss doesn't sound like progress, consider the fact that at one point in the game we were beating Michigan State by 7 points, and Michigan State beat their other opponents by 13 points and 31 points. So hey, I'll hang my hat on that!

Big's gonna big.

Why Sperbeck Deserves MWC POY Award

Chad Crippe (who came in a close second in my WOY Award), puts forth a well=reasoned argument why the human highlight reel should be the MWC Offensive Player-of-the-Year. (Besides the fact that the MWC owes us one for the Harsin and Ajayi snub last season.) Also, if Rypien doesn't get freshman of the year, well, then...

Harsin Gets One-Year Extension, Bowl Picks

Crippe believes we'll most likely land in the Poinsettia Bowl against a team like Toledo. I'd love to attend this year, but my work schedule is pretty set. Represent for me, Nuggies!


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