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Game Balls For Boise State Bye Week

We had some winners for the Boise State bye week.

Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Though the Broncos did not play football last week, the Broncos did get a "win" in a roundabout way. We should recognize these wins as such and dole out internet kudos accordingly. So let's get started!

Game Ball One:

Brooke Pahukoa

brooke pahukoa

The woman is a beast. 23 points, 8-10 from the field, 6-7 (!!!) from beyond the arc, and nine rebounds? Sure, we have to temper things because of the competition the Broncos faced, but like the men's team, you prefer these kinds of performances than any alternatives. There was a reason she was was picked as a MWC pres-season team selection. By picking up where she left off from last year. This is not football, so I predict we will definitely see her name more than once as a basketball player of the week. And, guess what? She's only a junior. She's just going to get better, and the MWC needs to be afraid.

Game Ball Two:

James Webb III

So Webb is an athlete. He was a man amongst boys in the exhibition game against Northwest University (WA). He had 17 points and 14 rebounds in the contest. Yeah, they will not count for the season but, as a tune-up, you want your team to perform -- for the most part -- how the Broncos did. By double-digits running the most vanilla plays in your book. And not even having two of your best players (Alford and Thompson) out. And by having a true freshman step up pretty big in his first collegiate outing. And not like Utah State who had... a struggle... with Cal State Monterey Bay. Good job, Webb, and hopefully your successes continue. Have a game ball!

Game Ball Three:

Yaiza Rodriguez


Any team needs a leader who is going to direct the action. And Rodriguez is that for this team. From the point, she completely dominated the assists stat. She had sixteen. The rest of the Broncos? They had a combined sixteen. Rodriguez literally accounted for half of the teams total. That is crazy. The Southern Oregon Raiders? Nine. She only had one less assist than the rest of the players in the game. That is insane. Rodriguez basically doubled up that output. Sure, the rest of her stat sheet was pretty bare. She had no points, missed all three shots she took, but she helped create opportunities and was responsible for getting points on the board. That is equally as important. Does this mean I get an assist by passing Rodriguez a game ball?

Game Ball Four:

Paris Austin

paris austin

The true freshman has a lot of expectations coming in from being a complete stud in high school. And he performed admirably. Yes, expectations blah, blah, blah, but seriously. The kid is talented and contributed seventeen points and four rebounds. As a true freshman. He had 35 minutes, which will be curtailed once Alford and Thompson are suited up, but good to see him get his time now. Congratulations Austin!

Game Ball Five:

University of New Mexico

The Lobos were able to do what the Broncos were not (this year): beat the Aggies. Which is actually quite shocking. Considering the Lobos were a 20.5 point underdog. The biggest upset (point spread-wise) of the weekend.

Which is really bizarre. And, if I am being honest, it is probably just as big of a shock to the Utah State Aggies that they lost as it was for me when the Broncos lost to Utah State. I know that it was touch and go for the Lobos, in pulling out the upset, but kudos to them for overcoming that hurdle. They are one step closer to bowl eligibility. I genuinely hope they get there, just not this weekend. So, thank you New Mexico, your help was greatly needed!

Your Turn

The bye week was kind to the Broncos. They had a chance to heal, and watch a shakeup in the MWC standings. It is still up to them to take this opportunity and run with it. That said, they at least control their destiny. Who do you think deserves a game ball?