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Saturday CFB Gamethread

The bye week leaves us without a game to really look forward to. That does not mean we cannot move forward with other games! Talk about those games here!

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Even though the Broncos are on a bye, does not mean you (or other teams) have to be. So join relax in the comments and talk about the games that interest you today. There is a pretty good slate, so there should be something to talk about.

LSU vs Alabama

Florida State vs Clemson

Arizona State vs Washington State

TCU vs Oklahoma State

Utah State vs New Mexico (Go Lobos!)

Idaho vs South Alabama - Did anyone follow (I know no one watched) the Idaho meltdown from last week? They were feeling awful generous on Halloween to give New Mexico State their first win in 18 tries. The Aggies had the longest losing streak in the FBS at 17.

Utah vs Washington

California vs Oregon - isn't it weird to not have Oregon ranked? I was always curious when they would hit another "dry spell" and, while I do not think it will last long, it is comforting to see a bit of a dip.

Plenty of matchup to talk about and have a rooting interest. So sit back, relax, and have a good day of football!