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Boise State Hopes to Finish MWC Schedule Strong: Wake Up, Bronco Nation 11-5-15

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Rypien passing the time
Rypien passing the time
Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

State of the MWC

Coming into the bye week, Boise State hopes to just take care of their own business and recover. Meanwhile, Bronco Nation can watch other games of import to us this weekend, namely, Utah State @ UNM, 1:30 MST Saturday on CBS Sports Network. Utah State has allowed their last two opponents to run for 606 yards against them, and New Mexico's wins all came when they rushed for over 300 yards. Let's hope New Mexico has a field day running against USU like they did against us last season.

Boise State Starters on Injured List

This is an article from the MWC Connection basically reiterating the need to heal over the bye week. You might know all this info already, but you can maybe pass the time by looking for spelling errors!

Thompson a Stud Muffin

I think that's what writer Brianna Pitcock is getting at.

This Article is Why Bleacher Report is Banned

They've made their bowl predictions and put Utah State in the Las Vegas Bowl against Oregon, and us against Marshall in the... wait, I need to look it up again... Nova Home Loans Bowl in Arizona. Projected winner: Marshall.

This cigarette-butt muncher also has Alabama in the playoffs and no representative from the Big XII again, because, well, Alabama. The only time I ever Go Tide is when my socks need washed.


I love my Idahome! Here's a great aerial photography video of some places you might recognize.