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Bye Week Comes at Perfect Time for Boise State: Wake Up, Bronco Nation 11-4-15

Bye, Bye, love.

Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

Boise State Plans for Bye Week

As per the article, they will still hold a few practices this week, but take a few days off on the weekend while the coaches go on recruiting trips. The injured players (Vallejo, Deayon, Yakoo, even Roh) that have injuries to recuperate from before they play against UNM will have limited reps in practice.

Next up, we have two triple option teams, both of whom have given us fits last year, so the extra time to prepare is a gift, as well. There's lots of film on UNM and AF that we could learn from.

Arkansas Players Finding Boise State Appealing

Defensive line recruit John Tate (6'4", 270 lbs.) states that one of the reasons he is committing to Boise State is because of Damarea Crockett's commitment. I, for one, find it comforting to steal any player from the heart of SEC country, especially if he's a guy our coaches like.

Armstrong Making an Impact on Cross Country Team

Pocatello native Elijah Armstrong was a 4-time state champion in high school, and he's a great add to our Boise State team. His dad was my wrestling coach way back when, and I was surprised to hear that Elijah didn't want to continue with wrestling. But his father, Clayton, has been his greatest supporter, and I'm excited to see what this young man does at Boise State.


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