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Game Balls for Boise State Week Nov 22

Been a busy week for the Broncos.

Harry How/Getty Images

The final regular season football game. The final game for the volleyball team. The basketball teams heating up. Lets take a look at some achievements for the past week!

Game Ball One:

Jeremy McNichols

jeremy mcnichols

Mr. McNichols just McNicholsing all over the field. 192 yards rushing on 20 attempts and two touchdowns. 40 yards on six catches and a touchdown. He out-rushed the MWC leader by a lot. Tyler Ervin only 52 yards on eleven attempts. I genuinely do not know what would qualify for MWC player of the week honors because it is the Mountain West, but I would think McNichols' effort would work.

Game Ball Two:

Ben Weaver

ben weaver

Mostly because Mr. Weaver got this third interception in as many games. He had a pretty ok day. 4 total tackles. But the his work in pretending to wear the opposing team's colors, and snagging passes, really makes me happy. Can he just also play fullback for the Broncos and, every once in a while, catch passes?

Game Ball Three:

Joe Martarano

Joe Martarano

Genuinely not sure if it was actually an interception, but the refs did not overturn it much less review it, but I will take it.

Game Ball Four:

Chandler Hutchison


Mr. Hutchison had himself a pretty good two game stretch (I am literally only including the week of the 22nd through the 28). Against Concordia he had 18 points, five rebounds. Against UC Irvine he had 13 points and 10 rebounds, the only player on the court with a double-double.

Game Ball Five:

Sierra Nobley


To put Ms. Nobley's accomplishments for the Broncos this year: totes ridic. In the final game against Utah State, she had a game high 25 kills. The entire Utah State team? 35. Her attacks for the match? 42. The entire Utah State team had 96. She would have comprised 43% of the Aggies' attacks vs "only" about 38% of the Broncos'. The crazy thing is Nobley is only a true sophomore. She's got two more years of volleyball domination. Unfortunately the Broncos will not be continuing their hot streak in the NCAA tournament, but this was the Bronco's best season by a ways. Next year should be a good one to watch.

Game Ball Six:

Sarah Baugh

sarah baugh

The senior setter is going to be missed. A lot for next year. Just for the Utah State game Ms. Baugh had 42 assists. For the Mountain West this season, she led the league with a 12.17 avg/s. And for her career at Boise State? She's third with 2,425. She is leaving big shoes to fill. Hopefully a Bronco steps up.

Game Ball Seven:

Brooke Pahukoa

brooke pahukoa

Ms. Pahukoa had 31 points, 5-7 in three pointers, four rebounds, and three steals in the losing effort to Auburn. The Broncos actually had the lead for the majority of the game, and led by as much as 12, but had the game slip from them. But not for Pahukoa's efforts.

Your Turn

Any Broncos turned your head last week? Anyone deserving of recognition? How about the Broncos who made the trip to San Jose and comprised a good chunk of the attendance? Let me know.