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Saturday CFB Gamethread

It is rivalry week!!

James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

So this is it. Among the games that were played on friday, this is the last weekend of regular season games (for a lot of teams). Before last straggler games, conference championships, and then on to the bowl games. There are a bevy of games to enjoy and some good matchups.

Clemson vs South Carolina (Remember: Sakerlina lost to The Citadel last weekend. This should not be close.)


Auburn vs Alabama in the Iron Bowl

Florida State vs Florida

Georgia vs Georgia Tech

Cincinnati vs East Carolina Well. Maybe not that one so much. But you get the idea.

The season has gone by WAY too quickly for my taste. Why, it only feels like yesterday we were geeking about the start of the season and whether or not the current University of Washington coach would be booed (for some reason). And once the season started, it was like a runaway freight train that could not be stopped!!

Your Turn

Enoy it Nuggies. The end is nigh. We will, soon, be headed towards the long, cold, period known as "not college football season" and it will indeed be a sad one. We will, of course, have other sports to tide to help soothe the hunger, but we all know it will not be quite as good.

So savor it my friends and enjoy this day!