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Boise State Beats San Jose State 40-23

The win snaps a two game slide.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Martarano snags a game-ending interception (the second of two) to cap the Boise State win in San Jose 40-23.

The Spartans had started their first series with a bang. A 42 yard pass from Kenny Potter to Hansell Wilson for 42 yards. Fortunately, for the Broncos, the Spartans series fell flat when the next play Potter had fumbled the ball for a loss. After some designed QB run plays, the Spartans did manage to get back the yardage, but not enough to get a first down. The Spartan first series ended with Ray Guy Award finalist Carrizosa 28 yard punt.

The Broncos' first series did not end any better. After two completed passes to Sperbeck, and one to Roh, from Rypien, the Broncos ended their first series with a punt of their own.

The Spartans did answer on the next series with another another big play, a 40 yard rush by Tyler Ervin. The Spartans did manage to get to the Bronco three yard line. The Boise State defense did prove some mettle and prevented a San Jose State touchdown. The Spartans settled for three.

The next series saw the Broncos take fifteen plays, and more pass attempts from Rypien, to drive down the field. Rypien found Holden Huff in the endzone for the Bronco touchdown. Rypien was 10-10 on the drive. Rausa missed the PAT and the Broncos led 6-3.

To head into the half, the Spartans lead the Broncos 10-9 when Potter found Billy Freeman for a 35 yard pass. Rausa had hit the 25 yard field goal to keep the Broncos close.

After the half, the Broncos had a six play, 25 yard drive that stalled and ended with a punt. Carrizosa was able to pin the Broncos on their own three yard line. The Broncos took the opportunity to orchestrate a 14 play, 97 yard drive for the score to put the Broncos up 15-10. They had tried for two, initially got it, however Chaz Anderson was called for offensive pass interference. The Boise State coaches opted for the traditional PAT and Rausa hit the PAT, Broncos 16-10.

After a Spartan possession that ended with a punt to Deayon, the Broncos were able to score on a McNichols run for 88 yards. Another Rausa PAT puts the Broncos up 23-10.

The Potter's next possession did not end well, as he was intercepted by Ben Weaver, his third interception in as many games.

The Broncos could not find the endzone, but Rausa was able to hit a 31 yard field goal to extend the lead 26-10.

Potter took control of the next possession for San Jose State. After a rush for seven yards, Potter threw the ball nine straight times to find Wilson for a touchdown. After a failed two point conversion, the Broncos lead 23-16.

McNichols, not done for the night, carried the ball four straight times to see the endzone. After a Rausa PAT, the Broncos lead 33-16.

San Jose State was able to grind out their own 14 play, 83 yard series for a touchdown. The final touchdown for the night, and successive PAT, brought the Spartans to within ten points, 33-23.

Taking advantage of a short field, courtesy of a Spartan onside kick, and an ever-weakening Spartans rush defense, Kelsey Young was able to take the Broncos 44 yards for a touchdown in two plays, bringing the score to the eventual ending 40-23.

What Did We Learn?

  • Winning is nice. Even if it was not on the Blue, it is nice to get another game in the W column. After a sluggish start, and a rehash of what got the Broncos in trouble the past two games, it was nice to see them put together successful rushes.
  • McNichols is pretty good. He extended his touchdown totals with three more touchdowns and almost got two hundred rushing yards to do it. And receiving? Nabbed six for 40 yards. The Broncos seem to find a lot of success when he gets the ball. Odd concept.
  • Sperbeck is still good as well. Though he was not able to haul in any touchdowns, He caught six of the nine balls thrown his way for 45 yards. Mr. Reliable is still doing his thing.
  • Eight. That's the number of wins the Broncos end the year with. Not exactly where a lot of people thought they would end the season, but it works.

Your Turn

What did you like? What did you want to see? What did you want to see more of? Spartans hung around a lot more than I would have preferred, but a win is a win.