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Predict the Score: Boise State versus San Jose State

Last regular season version!

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

This is the last regular season game, so let us go out in style!! Having lost the last two at home, the Broncos are chomping at the bit to end the regular season on a high note. Up next is the San Jose State Spartans. Normally this would be a no-brainer game for the Broncos--even away--but the way the last two games have gone, that is not necessarily the case. The Broncos had every opportunity to win their division, but they did not.

And them's the breaks.

So let us queue up some guesses!!


  • How many tears did I shed over the last two weeks?
  • What will be my blood pressure after the final whistle?
  • Will my heart ever be un-broken?

What Do I Get if I Win?

Either immense happiness, or depressing sorrow. I guess it just depends on how you guess?

What About the Air Force Predict the Score?

The streak of pure homerism has ended. Two Nuggies predicted an Air Force win. NighthawkWatch had 44-27. I guess it's a consolation that it was not THAT big of a loss. It was actually TitoRay who "wins" with a prediction of 35-24 Air Force victory. Pretty darn close (I just wish you were wrong on that one TitoRay).

Your Turn

Your guess is as good as anyone's. Even Vegas, who was quite generous to the Broncos, were not even close. Can you do better? The more important question: can the Broncos?