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San Jose State Anagram Roster

Lance Iversen-USA TODAY Sports

An anagram is like a word jumble; you take the letters from a word or phrase and mix them up to see what other words or phrases you can come up with. Try it for yourself.

San Jose State = To Jest As Sane

Ron Caragher = Rag Horn Race

San Jose, Calif = A Confess Jail

Offensive Starters for San Jose State

(The San Jose State depth chart actually features twelve positions. I decided to go with their fullback, and leave out a WR, because--well--fullback.)

  • WR: Justin Holmes = Eh Slum Joints
  • LT: Wes Schweitzer = Re Chew Sew Zits
  • LG: Jeremiah Kolone = Leakier Hen Mojo
  • C: Keoni Taylor = Yokel Ration
  • RG: Chris Gonzalez = Zero Zing Clash
  • RT: Nate Velichko = A Vehicle Knot
  • TE: Billy Freeman = Yell Firm Bean
  • QB: Kenny Potter = No Try Pet Ken
  • FB: Shane Smith = Hint Shames
  • RB: Tyler Ervin = Tin Levy Err
  • WR: Tim Crawley = Racy Wet Mil
Defensive Starters for San Jose State
  • DE: Nick Oreglia = Or Icing Leak
  • DT: Keenan Sykes = En Yaks Knees
  • DT: Tony Popovich = Hop On TV Coy PI
  • DE: Isaiah Irving = Raising Via Hi
  • LB: Andre Chachere = Archer Can Heed
  • LB: Christian Tago = Raincoat Sight
  • LB: Frank Ginda = Find Ark Nag
  • CB: Cleveland Wallace, III = Vela Called En Claw
  • S: Vincente Miles, jr = Clevis Eminent
  • S: Maurice McKnight = Machine Gum Trick
  • P: Michael Carrizosa = Czars Airmail Echo
  • PK: Austin Lopez = A Tulips Zone
  • KO: Bryce Crawford = Crow Barf Cyder
  • H: Chris Kearney = Carney Hikers
  • PR: Tyler Ervin = Liver Entry
  • KOR: Thomas Tucker = Hock Maturist
  • LS: Ryan DiSalvo = Vainly Roads