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Boise State Depth Chart versus San Jose State

Here it is folks. The last regular season depth chart. Breathe it in.

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

Well this is certainly a thing. The last depth chart until the bowl game. As always, these things always change, but it is certainly fun to take a look!


  • X receiver: Thomas Sperbeck, D.J. Dean, Austin Cottrell
  • H receiver: Shane Williams-RhodesTerrell Johnson, Sean Modster
  • Z receiver: Chaz Anderson, A.J. Richardson
  • LT: Archie Lewis, Andres Preciado
  • LG: Travis Averill, Andrew Tercek
  • C: Marcus Henry, Mason Hampton
  • RG: Steven BaggettKellen Buhr, Tennessee Su'esu'e
  • RT: Mario Yakoo, Jerhen Ertel
  • TE: Jake RohHolden HuffJake Hardee, Alec Dhaenens
  • QB: Brett Rypien, Thomas Stuart, Alex Ogle
  • RB: Jeremy McNicholsKelsey YoungDevan DemasJack Fields


  • DE: Tyler HornSam McCaskill, Rondell McNair
  • NT: Armand NanceRobert Ash
  • DT: Justin Taimatuia, Tutulupeatu Mataele, Elloit Hoyte
  • STUD: Kamalei Correa, Jabril Frazier, Durrant Miles
  • WLB: Ben Weaver OR Tyler Gray, Leighton Vander Esch
  • MLB: Tanner VallejoJoe MartaranoDarren Lee
  • N: Chanceller James, Mercy Maston
  • CB: Donte Deayon, Tyler Horton
  • S: Kameron Miles, Skyler Seibold
  • S: Darian Thompson, Cameron Hartsfield
  • CB: Jonathon Moxey, Raymond Ford

Special Teams

  • K: Tyler Rausa, Blake Gonzalez
  • HOLD: Sean Wale
  • SNAP: Kevin Keane, Matt Cota
  • P: Sean Wale
  • KO: Tyler Rausa, Blake Gonzalez
  • KR: Terrell Johnson, Kelsey Young
  • PR: Shane Williams-RhodesDonte Deayon
As a bit of nostalgia, for the last depth chart of the regular season, let us look back at the first chart that was released:



  • Ryan Finley, so. OR Tommy Stuart, so. OR Alex Ogle, fr. OR Brett Rypien, fr.


  • Jeremy McNichols, so.
  • Kelsey Young, sr.

Wide receiver

  • Thomas Sperbeck, jr.
  • A.J. Richardson, fr.

Wide receiver

  • Shane Williams-Rhodes, sr.
  • D.J. Dean, so.

Wide receiver

  • Chaz Anderson, jr.
  • Austin Cottrell, so.

Tight end

  • Jake Roh, so.
  • Holden Huff, sr.

Left tackle

  • Rees Odhiambo, sr.
  • Eli McCullough, so.

Left guard

  • Mario Yakoo, jr.
  • Andrew Tercek, so.


  • Marcus Henry, sr.
  • Mason Hampton, so.

Right guard

  • Travis Averill, jr.
  • Troy Bacon, fr.

Right tackle

  • Steven Baggett, jr. OR Archie Lewis, so.



  • Tyler Horn, sr.
  • Sam McCaskill, jr. OR Rondell McNair, sr.

Nose tackle

  • Armand Nance, sr.
  • Justin Taimatuia, sr.


  • Antoine Turner, sr.
  • Tutulupeatau Mataele, sr.
  • Elliot Hoyte, jr.

Stud end

  • Kamalei Correa, jr.
  • Gabe Perez, jr.

Weak-side linebacker

  • Ben Weaver, jr. OR Tyler Gray, sr.

Middle linebacker

  • Tanner Vallejo, jr.
  • Joe Martarano, so.


  • Mercy Maston, sr. OR Kam Miles, so.


  • Donte Deayon, sr.
  • Raymond Ford, jr.


  • Jonathan Moxey, jr.
  • Raymond Ford, jr.

Strong safety

  • Dylan Sumner-Gardner, so.
  • Chanceller James, jr.

Free safety

  • Darian Thompson, sr.
  • Cameron Hartsfield, so.

Notes and Wild Speculation
  • Man. Injuries. Attrition. Things "just not working out" really affect a roster. Heck, even more things can/could change just between now and whatever bowl game Boise State ends up.
  • Will DJ Dean see some time this weekend? I have no clue.
  • Shane Williams-Rhodes is still in the starter spot. After being out last week I suppose it will be a game-time decision.
  • Sean Modster in the third slot. How many snaps is he going to play? Targets? Most importantly: catches!
  • Chaz Anderson doing his thing as the Z.
  • No changes on the front line. Consistency!
  • Huff and Hardee going to be seeing more targets in this game?
  • Rypien being Rypien.
  • San Jose State has a relatively week rush defense. McNichols should be able to get his yards this week.
  • Defensive line still the same.
  • Does Gray get the start even though he has the OR next to his name? I have not gone back and look who actually started each game, but I guess he starts this one.
  • Why did just NOW realize Vallejo is only a junior?
  • Donte Deayon back is a welcome sight!
  • Lots of names not on here.
  • Ah memories!

Your Turn

What do you make of all these changes? Good? Bad? Indifferent? Churros? Let us talk about it!