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Game Balls for Boise State Week of Nov 15

Throwing a bit of a curveball on this one.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Last football home game. And the results were less than desirable. Unfortunate. There was some good to come of it. Going to change things up a little bit this time around. What with football season winding down, and other athletes deserving of recognition, I am going to be doling out some other awards for the past week as well.

Game Ball One:

Jeremy McNichols

jeremy mcnichols

His best, and really only, highlight of the night was that epic opening 83 yard touchdown run. Twas a thing of beauty. Too bad the rest of the night was not as productive for McNichols. Isolate that one run, and he had 68 yards on 19 attempts. But he is also really reliable when he's needed to catch things. Was 3-4 on receptions for 22 yards. McNichls tried his darndest, but was not quite good enough overall. (Still. I really appreciated that first touchdown. So here we are.)

Game Ball Two:

Thomas Sperbeck


Add another record to Sperbeck's mantle. Single-season reception yards holder (1289) for Boise State, surpassing Titus Young. That is with two games still left to play in the season. Sperbeck had 80 yards on the night and a touchdown. Mr. Reliable comes through again.

Game Ball Three:

Ben Weaver

Ben Weaver did as well as anyone on the defense could to stop the dreaded triple option. 11 total tackles, seven solo, one tackle for loss, an interception, and a forced fumble. He was a one man wrecking crew for the Broncos Friday night. He could probably play every other position on the roster too, right?

Game Ball Four:

Sierra Nobley

sierra nobley

Sierra Nobley has been on a tear for the Broncos' volleyball team. Nobley notched her 11th double-double of the season. 22 kills and 11 digs. She helped lead the Broncos from a one match hole to sweep the final three and extend the current win streak to eight games. The Broncos are second only to Colorado State who was 13th in the last AVCA Coach's Poll. The Broncos have a good chance to get into the NCAA tournament. They just need to continue on their recent success.

Game Ball Five:

Shalen (Shay) Shaw

shalen shaw

To say Shaw knows how to fill a stat sheet would be an understatement. Against College of Charleston she had 18 points, and nine rebounds (among her other stats). Against Utah Valley she had 17 points and eight rebounds. She's a leader for the Broncos and has been one to watch.

Game Ball Six:

James Webb III

james webb

If you have not seen the men's basketball team yet, you need to. Yes, they are currently 1-2 but they are a fun team to watch and are only getting better. They hung tough with an Elite Eight (probably) bound team in Arizona with the aid of Webb's 27 points and nine rebounds.

Game Ball (Shoes?) Seven:

Allie Ostrander

allie ostrander

Saved the best for last on this one. Arguably the best athlete on campus, Allie Ostrander just did a little thing called getting second at the NCAA championships. Which, when you think about it, is pretty awesome. We talk a lot about true freshman and their accomplishments and, well, hers is quite remarkable. When she comes back next year, she should be favored in every meet (barring injury of course). According to Chadd Cripe, she was a full 19 seconds ahead of every athlete that would be returning next season. 19 seconds is an eternity in competitive running around in circles. And she whooped up on the competition.

Your Turn

Boise State has some remarkable athletes on campus. The hope is for me to bring more of them to light and recognize those achievements. Who did I miss? Plan on seeing any others? Let me know.