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Knee-Jerk Reactions to Boise State's Loss to Air Force

After sleeping it off, I weigh in on our most recent loss.

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

  • Starting the game with an 80+ yard TD run and a turnover: This is going to be a blowout!
  • Oh... just not us doing the blowing out.
  • When did Air Force start passing?
  • Why do we still call it the "triple option" when there's that other option in there? You know, the one that burned us for three touchdowns?
  • Vallejo was a wrecking ball until it came to him having to play safety.
  • I really miss DSG and Thompson.
  • Poor Rypien. Every time a ball was dropped I had the sadz for him. (Even though Anderson did redeem himself with a few good catches.)
  • Poor Rypien. Taking one to the chin.
  • I don't blame our O-line so much this game, because Air Force was throwing some crazy blitzes at us.
  • We really needed to be able to get through the blocks. Who was it who pushed his blocker into the runner so Tyler Horn could smother him in the backfield? Like that.
  • I hate punting. (No offense, Mr. Wale, you do a great job! I just wish you were a part-time employee. Or even just a subcontractor we have to call in once a game to fix a problem.)
  • I mean, really, we can't afford to kick to a clock-burning running team in the 4th quarter at all if we're behind by two scores.
  • We didn't seem to have a good variety of offensive plays, and I think a large part of that is how much SWR offers to this team. Rough to see him sit on senior night!

Before anyone jumps ship and starts rooting for Ohio State, let me tell you what I see that puts things into perspective for me: Besides being a Boise State fan, I'm also a lifelong Seattle Seahawks fan. Newcomers to Seattle fandom might not realize that their seasons have not all been playoff berths and Super Bowl appearances. I've waded through a lot of mediocre years where I just shrug my shoulders and say, "There's always next year." (Which I'm saying this year already.)

But the NCAA is different.

These young men have played their hearts out and will be rewarded with one more game after the season in the form of a bowl game. Even if it's the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl, it's a bowl game! Most programs consider their season a success if they're bowl eligible at all! Watching Washington games this year, it's apparent that's all they're trying to accomplish, and they currently sit at 4-6 with two games left. We were bowl eligible three games ago behind a true freshman quarterback and a banged-up defense.

How long has it been since any Boise State fan had to pack up their fandom and wait for "next year" after their last regular season game?

Our coaching staff is solid. They plan, prepare, and execute as well as their players can play, and as well as the opponent will let them. There are always two teams on a field who want to win, and kudos goes out to a well-prepared Air Force team who did their homework on Boise State. I don't agree with any calls to have any of the coaches sacked. They had to tear out whole sections of their playbooks with the significant players who sat out with injuries this game. They made adjustments, but those adjustments just came too late in the game. The tide was definitely turning, as much as I hate to invoke Alabama in that saying.

And as far as "next year" goes, I look forward to seeing what Rypien and McNichols can do with a healthy team around them that doesn't have to go nine games without a rest! I look forward to seeing what our coaches -- who are in less danger of being poached-- can do with another year of experience.

I'm proud of this team.

I'm proud to wear Blue and Orange.

I still believe in us.

If that doesn't work for you, go outside and watch the sun rise, breathing in the crisp, autumn air. Call your mom and tell her you love her. Kiss your wife. Make Bacon (yes, that is capitalized) for breakfast. Go toss the pigskin in the yard with the kids.

...Just don't drop the ball.

Go Broncos!