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Boise State loses at home to AF

The spark was too little, too late again this week for the boys in Blue.

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Bleed Blue. Honor Orange. No matter how this team plays, the result of games, or the opponent we play, I will always be these two things. The Broncos started VERY hot, and seemed to set the pace early. That quickly changed the the Broncos found themselves down 34-13 at one point. The defense seemed confused, being burnt on multiple big plays, and the offense could find no rhythm. It as well into the third before the offense found a spark, provided by some timely interceptions. Unfortunately it was too little too late for our beloved Broncos. They drop to 7-4 this year and travel to SJSU next week.


  1. There is some work to do before next season. This season will still end in a bowl game, but this team has some challenges. I don't think it's talent. Drew wrote an article about some mental hurdles and those need to be addressed.
  2. Sperbeck is the definition of "blue collar". Kid is playing like a grown man on a busted up ankle and still making plays. Glad we have him for another year.
  3. Young playmakers need to identify themselves. Like I said, there is talent on this team, but it cannot be the McNichols/Sperbeck show. Maybe some true freshman can come in and help take some pressure off of them. Maybe a JC/walk-on or vet will turn a corner. Whoever it is, we need them next season.
  4. The biggest challenge for this team has been consistency. This is what made the Kellen Moore-era teams so good. They played consistently every single week. This team, I feel, isn't sure of who they are, and it's been that way since the Utah State game. Still a relatively new staff, new QB, team nursing some injuries and you get shelacked by a team that is good, but not 52-26 good. They've been up and down ever since.
  5. The Broncos did not give up. They went up early and got beat. Bad. AF had some big passing plays that made the defense look silly. But they never gave up, and the defense came up with some big takeaways. The offense was able to capitalize on some of those, breathing some life into the team and the stadium.

First Quarter Recap

Second Quarter Recap

FIRST HALF RECAP Boise State 13 - 24 Air Force

Third Quarter Recap

Fourth Quarter Recap

Second Half Recap BSU 30 - 37 Air Force

QB Comparison

Boise State

Air Force

WR Comparison

Boise State

Air Force

RB Comparison

Boise State

Air Force



Defensive Totals

Boise State

Air Force

Plenty of learning to be done from this game. It was unfamiliar territory for both the team and the fans. It's a tough pill to swallow for sure, but the Broncos will bounce back. This is a glass half full/half empty situation. There is a ton of opportunity here for improvement. You can view that how you want. I know how I'm going to view it. GO BRONCOS!

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