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Predict the Score: Boise State versus Air Force

Give it a shot. I guess.

Loren Orr/Getty Images

I hate triple option teams. So, of course, we get another one.

I don't have the heart to go with any tie breakers this week, so just try and be accurate on this one!

Also, for those on Twitter, Air Force did poke a bit of fun at Boise State with some trash talk. The Tweet has since been deleted but Boise State did respond in kind. It is unfortunate that the Broncos are now seen as prey, and not predators, but here we are. What a time to be alive.

What Do I Get if I Win?

Hope? Let's go with hope.

What About the New Mexico Predict the Score?

I burned it. Plus no one predicted a Boise State loss. boiseblues, however, did get the score right. Just picked the wrong teams.


Your Turn

You guys are just going to have to figure this one out for yourselves. There is a lot of opportunity here to rebound, and be awesome, or have disappointment.