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Who's Betting on Boise State? Week 12

I've scoured the internet to find which "experts" picked Boise State to win, and which have picked a redecorated exterior.

Sports Illustrated

Half of these 8 experts need to soak their heads.

Athlon Sports

Mitch Harper knows Boise State is better than their mistake-prone games may indicate: Boise State 37, Air Force

(You might think I forgot to type his Air Force score, but go ahead and see if I'm not accurately reporting it. I'll wait...)

Forde-Yard Dash

Looks like Pat is back on the BUS! Boise State 37, Air Force 24. He says:

Coming to Boise the week after the Broncos have an 18-game home winning streak snapped is not ideal timing.

Sports Chat Place

I think this writer just slapped the keyboard with oven mitts on a few times and clicked "publish." I'm not sure I followed his ramblings. So... Air Force?

SB Nation

No prediction given here, just a preview and three things to know.

News OK

It's too bad their news is just okay, but now I can see why. They picked the Falcons 31-30.

Sportsbook Review

Apparently, there's no shortage of people who just look at stats and don't watch games before passing judgment. Our turnovers are costly, yes, but barring that, we have a solid team who can move the ball.

Bleacher Report

The click whores only made me click four times this week to find our game. Boise State 30, AF 27