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Game Balls for Boise State versus UNLV

So anything worthwhile happen this weekend? Anything that we should be concerned? Nah. Guessing just another ho-hum game.

Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

Watching the game for the first three quarters was one of frustration. UNLV had come to play and stuck around accordingly. If someone were to just look at the score, a pretty comfy 28-point would be the only thing of note. And the final statistics do not really tell the full story about how close, and well, UNLV played. But a win is a win. Whether it be by one point (and plenty of teeth-gnashing to follow) or a blowout.

Game Ball One:

Brett Rypien

Brett Rypien

I mean:


About sums it up for Rypien. And guess what? Dude is a true freshman. He's kind of a big deal.

Game Ball Two:

Darian Thompson

darian thompson

Thompson had a pretty good statline. Four tackles, two of them for losses, one pass break up, and a little something called:

Only a matter of time for the future All-Pro NFL safety. Well-deserved, much like this game ball!

Game Ball Three:

Thomas Sperbeck


The only athlete on the roster who is good enough to beat out Rypien as a QB is Sperbeck (and perhaps SWR). He was 1-1, four yards, and a TD. That is good for a 463.6 QB rating. His receiving statistics were thusly: 10 catches, 163 yards, with a long of 40. Oddly enough, no TDs. Which is actually kind of weird considering how often he gets the ball. But he gets to add another game ball to his virtual trophy case. I am pretty sure this was the one that what he was mostly concerned about.

Game Ball Four:

Chaz Anderson

Mr. Anderson only barely broke the century mark (106 yards) but he did so in illuminating fashion. The first was a crucial first down pass from Rypien that kept a drive going. The refs seemed pretty close to NOT calling it a catch. But they had indeed made the correct call. As for the bulk of Anderson's yards, he had nabbed them on a dime of a pass from Rypien good for 54 yards and a score. The Broncos were going to connect on one of those throughout the game. Just had to happen the once.

Your Turn

Who needs a ball? SWR for his first touchdown of the year (and not even a receiving one)? McNichols for hitting the century mark (again) after his first half struggles? The offensive line for not allowing a sack for the second-straight game? Maybe the defensive line for only allowing 100 yards of rushing? The Broncos, still, have yet to allow a hundred yard rusher on the season.