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Air Force Anagram Roster

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

An anagram is like a word jumble; you take the letters from a word or phrase and mix them up to see what other words or phrases you can come up with. Try it for yourself.

Air Force Academy = A Forayed Ceramic

Troy Calhoun = Hurl Coat Yon

Colorado Springs, Colorado = Accordion Rolls Op Go Roads

Offensive starters for Air Force

  • LT: Matt Rochell = Toll Rematch
  • LG: Colin Sandor = Ironclad Son
  • C: Alex Norton = Antler On Ox
  • RG: A.J. Ruechel = Eh Jar Clue
  • RT: Sevrin Remmo = Miner Movers
  • QB: Karson Roberts = A Broker Snorts
  • TB: Jacobi Owens = Awe Jobs Coin
  • FB: D.J. Johnson = No Anagrams
  • TE: Garrett Griffin = Errant Frig Gift
  • WR: Jalen Robinette = Jot Linen Rebate
  • WR: Alex Ludwig = Wild Lug Axe
Defensive starters for Air Force
  • DE: Alex Hansen = Annex Heals
  • NG: Lochlin Deeks = Heckled Lions
  • DT: Samuel Byers = Lumber Essay
  • OLB: D.J. Dunn = No Anagrams
  • ILB: Connor Healy = Oh Only Crane
  • ILB: Grant Ross = Torn Grass
  • OLB: Jacob Onyechi = Joy Beach Icon
  • CB: Roland Ladipo = A Android Poll
  • SS: Weston Steelhammer = Hmm A lots Sweetener
  • CB: Jesse Washington = Jog Wish Neatness
  • FS: Brodie Hicks = Brioche Disk
  • PK: Luke Strebel = Beetles Lurk
  • P: Steve Brosy = Verbose Sty
  • LS: Andrew Gikas = Grids Awaken
  • H: Brett Dunn = Burnt Dent
  • PR: Garrett Brown = Two Argent Brr
  • KOR: Tyler Williams = Literally Swim