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Blue yonder: Boise State vs Air Force preview

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Game facts

  • Time: Friday, 7:30 p.m. MT
  • Location: Albertsons Stadium, Boise, ID
  • Weather: 20 degrees, Mostly Cloudy
  • Odds: Boise State by 12
  • TV: ESPN2
  • Radio: KBOI 670 AM
  • Commentators: Jason "Italian" Benetti, Mike "Italian" Belotti, and Allison "Not Italian" Williams

Other facts

1. Ugh

Boise State owes Air Force some payback after last year's debacle in Colorado Springs. The Falcons forced 7 Bronco turnovers and the benching of starting QB Grant Hedrick in a game the Broncos were never really "in". Can Boise State regroup after the UNM loss quick enough to dole out some home justice? I guess that's why we play the game. Admit aren't terribly confident going into this game.

2. Hot streak

There's going to be a team on The Blue that's really confident and rolling on Friday night, and it won't be the Broncos. Air Force has won 4 straight contests and 3 of the 4 were dominant wins. Two straight wins over the Broncos is something only San Diego State can boast in MWC play, but Air Force likes their chances.

"You can see the blood and smell it, so we’re going to try to capitalize on that," Air Force cornerback Roland Ladipo said.

I'll admit I miss being feared instead of viewed as a wounded animal, but maybe that's just me.

Read more here:

3. Still alive...barely

Boise State not only squandered a lot of scoring opportunities on Saturday, they squandered the inside track to the Mountain West title game. Believe it or not, the Broncos title hopes aren't dead yet...

If Air Force beats New Mexico (which they very well might and we very well SHOULD have) and we beat Air Force it would kinda sorta put us back in the hunt and put a lot of weight on the post-Thanksgiving trip to San José. Gut check time, Broncos.



Thoughts, SeniorChief?


Boise State - Lost 1

Air Force  - Won 4




Best name on their roster

All other names must bow and swear fealty to junior LB Weston Steelhammer

Best player picture on their roster

Service Academy guys are always well put together, so good luck trying to find wild hair or the like...Senior Dexter Walker's head looks like it's gently resting on his collar, so he gets my vote

Players to watch

Jalen Robinette

Robinette is the Falcons second-leading receiver, but he's definitely the most dangerous of the bunch. Because of the triple-option, most of Robinette's yards come on surprise pass plays once or twice a game, but last week against Utah State, he showed what he can do with a more respectable number of targets. Robinette at the Aggies alive with 210 receiving yards on 7 catches—with a long of 74 yards. The 6'4" receiver is going to get some targets so for the love of God, keep an eye on him!

Weston Steelhammer

This isn't the name of your character on World of Warcraft (or is it?)'s the name of the venerable Falcon safety who ate our proverbial lunch last year (and possibly our literal lunch—cannot confirm). Steelhammer has a bad-ass name and he knows it and plays accordingly. The junior had 3 picks against the Broncos in 2014 en route to first-team All-MWC honors. This season, he's got four INTs to his name and 6 PBUs...don't let the fact that he's a ginger fool you. This guy is the real deal.

Karson Roberts

First relation.

Roberts, the team's "primary" QB has contributed 13 TDs through rushing, passing, or even catching the ball this season and with them 1,448 yards of offense under the all-purpose umbrella. Roberts' completion percentage isn't terribly high, but he'll take advantage of overaggressive defenses (much like we saw last week) and hit a guy downfield when you least suspect it. Hopefully, Marcel Yates will have our boys suspecting everything.

Jacobi Owens

The Falcons' junior running back leads the team with 669 rushing yards and has contributed 6 TDs on the ground as well. 669 yards isn't that much you say? Well, not really...but remember, this is a triple-option team that has six players with at least 300 rushing yards on the year. In a rushing offense with a lot of men, Owens is THE MAN.

Alex Hansen

The senior D-lineman was an All-MWC second-teamer a season ago and he's making the most of his senior year with 46 tackles and 5.5 sacks. Since blocking hasn't been our O-line's strong suit this year, I'd say Friday night would be a good time to get the hang of it.

Players NOT to watch

Two 2014 All-MWC first teamers have graduated from the Falcon team and those players are kicker Will Conant and O-lineman Michael Husar. Tender mercies.

Keys to victory

  • DON'T LOSE. Seriously. Let's give this a go.

Score prediction

Broncos 31, Falcons 24