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Game Balls for Boise State versus New Mexico

Totally rescinding my game ball to New Mexico last week.

Loren Orr/Getty Images

Another game. Another set of game balls to dish out in a losing effort. These aren't NEARLY as much fun to give out as a winning effort. But, whaddyagonnado, amiright?!

Game Ball One:

Thomas Sperbeck


This one is obvious. 20 receptions, 281 yards, a 14.1 yard average. One (admittedly awesome) guy had more pass yards than some teams have all game. He is also the first 1,000 yard receiver for the MWC this season and is just five yards away from surpassing Titus Young for receiving yards in a season (1210 to 1215). Though this was a losing effort, and he did not get a touchdown, will this effort be enough for a MWC player of the week? Yeah, probably not.

Game Ball Two:

Jeremy McNichols

jeremy mcnichols

Jeremy McNichols had a very solid night. 128 yards rushing (4.9 average) and a touchdown. Added 50 yards receiving and another touchdown. McNichols was second in receptions. McNichols had done his part to help the Broncos. However the Broncos were pressing a lot so they had decided to lean on Rypien's arm. McNichols had seemed to get his groove going, but the team never really stayed with the rush plan to keep the momentum.

Game Ball Three:

Austin Cottrell

Cottrell did not get an official reception. But he DID have a pretty awesome last play that just NEARLY got the Broncos within a PAT of tying the Lobos. Which is pretty amazing in, and of, itself. He does not get too much playing time, but he came up big when it mattered most. Also, Drew captured this pretty candid moment at the end of the game. It may be hard to tell, but it is Harsin (and Blakeley) with Cottrell after the final whistle. Congrats to Cottrell.

Your Turn

This is a rough one because, statistically, you could go a lot of places with it. Rypien was 41-74 for 503 yards and two touchdowns. Which is obviously great. But cannot overlook three interceptions. Yeah, mostly from tipped passes. But statistics are a fickle thing and, unfortunately, they are attributed to the QB who flung the ball. Darian Thompson? 10 tackles, 1.5 tackles-for-loss, and a forced fumble? Leave some comments below!