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Saturday CFB Gamethread

It's going to be a long day. Enjoy it here!

Eric Christian Smith/Getty Images

This week the the College Football Playoffs released another set of rankings. While these do not mean a whole lot right now, with a lot of teams with at least three more games to go, they do make for some great conversation starters and some great righteous indignation.

Do they have the top four right with Clemson in the number one spot?

Alabama in the number two spot, with their one loss, over perfect (so far?) Ohio State?

How about Iowa breathing down the door in spot number five?

Did the Big 12 set them selves up, again, for failure with only have ten teams and not conference championship?

Or is it more of Baylor's problem because their strength of schedule, at least in the non-conference, is pretty bad?

Florida is an amazing 8-1 with McElwain (boy, I bet Colorado State is sure missing him right now).

And TCU took quite the tumble down to fifteen. Their suspect defense finally caught up to them.

There is plenty of football to be played today, so come talk with us!!

Your Turn

Whether it is keeping track of other MWC games, or perhaps commiserating over Boise State's lack of inclusion in the conversation, or just feel like being glad you are not an Idaho fan, come chat in the comments!