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Predict the Score: Boise State versus New Mexico

To the victor goes the bragging rights.

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Well. Back to the grind after a week off of frivolity, relaxation, and hilarious upsets. We are all aware, by now, that the team the Broncos play today did the Broncos a solid by beating the Utah State Aggies. Which means that the Broncos learned that their fate is, once again, in their own hands and they do not have to wait for Air Force to take down the Aggies.

How very gracious of the Lobos to work in Boise State's favor. And generous of the Aggies to provide a glimmer of hope that the Broncos could, possibly, get back to the Mountain West Championship Game. But Boise State still has a lot of work to do, three games, and two option teams to try and not trip. Which brings us the very reason for this post.

Our best guess as to the final score!


  • How many rushing yards will the Lobos have?
  • How many receptions will Chaz Anderson have?
  • How many rushes will the Lobos quarterback have?

What Do I Get If I Win?

What About the UNLV Predict the Score?

Well. The math was kind of tight. But because he was only a net ten points off from the actual total of 55-27, our very own WUBN-guy Russ Wood wins with his guess of 58-17. Reader ToBasqueO had actually nailed the Broncos score of 55, but underestimated the scoring prowess of UNLV and only guess 13. So, Russ, be prepared for a shoutout from Fearless Leader in the Twitters. We can only assume it will be epic!

Your Turn

What is your guess? Remember: the triple options eats clock, ankles, and knees. How much time do you think the Broncos will have to score, and will the Lobos be able to score in said amount of time? Do you go conservative? Or do you guess high as you remember last year with fever sweats?

Good Luck and Go Broncos!!!