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Boise State's Offense and Defense Plan for UNM: Wake Up, Bronco Nation 11-12-15

We see you, too, special teams!

He's Ba-a-a-a-ack!
He's Ba-a-a-a-ack!
Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

Offense Prepares for UNM

Boise State is not taking New Mexico for granted, especially after they ran roughshod over us last season. If not for Hedrick putting together some amazing drives every time UNM hauled off a 70-yard touchdown run up the middle, we might have been anticipating this game in the same way we will anticipate next season's Utah State game, if you get my drift.

New Mexico has a much improved defense this year, and they are going to throw a lot of blitzes at us. I think we might see a lot of quick passes and tosses to McNichols out of the backfield. (Hey, it seemed to work against UNLV!) (Every other play.)

Defense (Hopefully) Prepares for UNM

Assignment football is harder than it looks. Coach Yates knows games don't play in slow motion, and one missed tackle can mean big gains for New Mexico. Coach Harsin has a simpler approach:

I tell ’em, just tackle the guy with the ball.

My approach might be even simpler: Tackle everyone.

After every play, there should be 11 New Mexico players picking themselves up off the turf.

Time for Kellen Moore to Coach?

With the latest news coming out of Dallas concerning the Greatest Quarterback To Ever Grace The Gridiron, we're free to speculate about his future. Will he be re-signed to the practice squad? (Where they have admitted that he's coaching them.) Will the Dallas practice squad start embarrassing their starting defense? Will he move on to fulfill his lifelong dream of coaching at Boise State?

Hey, if any "big" schools poach our OC or any other assistant coaches after this season, I say we call dibs on him!


I love Epic Rap Battles of History, but normally they're too cussy to share on here (or with my family). NOT SO WITH THIS ONE!