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New Mexico Anagram Roster

Norm Hall/Getty Images

An anagram is like a word jumble; you take the letters from a word or phrase and mix them up to see what other words or phrases you can come up with. Try it for yourself.

University of New Mexico = Unwise Fierce Onyx Vomit

Bob Davie = Void Babe

Albuquerque, New Mexico = We Rumba Queen Ox Clique

Offensive starters for University of New Mexico

  • WR-X: Marquis Bundy = My Quad Bun Sir
  • LT: Reno Henderson = Need Horn Snore
  • LG Bryan Oldenkamp = Bold Prank Meany
  • C: Eden Mahina = A Hen Maiden
  • RG: Aaron Jenkins = A Ken Jinn Soar
  • RT: Dillon Romine = Drool Mile Inn
  • TE: Reece White = Heretic Ewe
  • WR-X: Dameon Gamblin = Ignoble Madman
  • WR-Y: Carlos Wiggins = So Girls Cawing
  • QB: Lamar Jordan = Rad Jar No Lam
  • RB: Jhurell Pressley = Slurps Jelly Here
  • TB: Teriyon Gipson = Tiny Oops Reign
Defensive starters for University of New Mexico
  • LE: Garrett Hughes = Greater Gut Shh
  • NT: William Udeh = I Had Emu Will
  • RE: Nik D'Avanzo = Nova Ink Adz
  • RUSH: Donnie White = Note I Whined
  • MLB: Dakota Cox = Do Tack A Ox
  • WLB: Ryan Langford = Angry Lorn Fad
  • LCB: Nias Martin = Manits Rain
  • SS: Ryan Santos = Say No Rants
  • FS: Daniel Henry = Deny Hen Liar
  • LOCK: Lee Crosby = Ye Rec Slob
  • RCB: Cranston Jones = Cannons Or Jets
  • FG: Zack Rogers = Czar Or Kegs
  • KO: Jason Sanders = On Sadness Jar
  • P: Sam Gentry = Mangy Erst
  • DS: Steven Romero = Veneer Motors
  • HOLD: Austin Apodaca = An Audio Cat Spa
  • KOR: Daryl Chestnut = A Lynched Trust
  • PR: Chris Davis, Jr = Ravish Disc