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Boise State Could Host MWC Championship Game: Lunchtime Links 11-10-15

Back in 1775, my Marine Corps came alive. Happy birthday, Devil Dogs!

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

Boise State in Line to Host MWC Championship Game

Due to the Mountain West Conference rule for championship game hosting, Boise State could potentially host the game on The Blue over SDSU (who remain undefeated in conference). The rule awards home-field advantage to the highest ranked team, rather than the team with the best conference record. I will admit, SDSU looks tough and hosting the game would give us a significant advantage.

But first, isn't there a game we need to play this weekend? Ah, heck, let's pull out our fan cards and speculate!

My fan card

Speaking of Which...

While the team is (rightfully) focusing on UNM and that pesky triple option, here is an article from Scott Slant about things we can hope for and speculate about. Want Sperbeck to break 1,000 yards? Wear your lucky shirt this Saturday! Want McNichols to lead the country in scoring? Write to Santa! Want Rypien to break the freshman QB records set by Sir Kellen Moore? Sacrifice the neighbor kids' snowman!

(Now, what do we gotta do for a playoff berth?)


Lunch break is over for me. Back to work!