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Boise State Depth Chart Versus Colorado State

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

We are now in the throes of the conference schedule. Where we battle through the gauntlet that is the MWC schedule. The hope is to get through these unscathed, but with tough tests in Colorado State and Utah State, both away, it will be be quite the trial given these two schools will be highly motivated and looking to give Boise State their best shot. So lets see what the depth chart has in store for us for the Colorado State game.


  • X receiver: Thomas Sperbeck, D.J. Dean, Austin Cottrell
  • H receiver: Shane Williams-RhodesTerrell Johnson, Akilian Butler
  • Z receiver: Chaz Anderson, A.J. Richardson
  • LT: Rees Odhiambo, Archie Lewis
  • LG: Travis Averill, Andrew Tercek
  • C: Marcus Henry, Mason Hampton
  • RG: Steven BaggettKellen Buhr, Tennessee Su'esu'e
  • RT: Mario Yakoo, Archie Lewis, Jerhen Ertel
  • TE: Jake RohHolden HuffJake Hardee, Alec Dhaenens
  • QB: Brett Rypien, Thomas Stuart, Alex Ogle
  • RB: Jeremy McNicholsKelsey YoungDevan DemasJack Fields


  • DE: Tyler HornSam McCaskill
  • NT: Armand NanceRobert Ash
  • DT: Justin Taimatuia, Tutulupeatu Mataele, Elloit Hoyte
  • STUD: Kamalei Correa, Jabril Frazier, Durrant Miles
  • WLB: Ben Weaver OR Tyler Gray, Leighton Vander Esch
  • MLB: Tanner Vallejo, Joe Martarano, Darren Lee
  • N: Chanceller James, Mercy Maston
  • CB: Donte Deayon, Tyler Horton
  • S: Kameron Miles, Skyler Seibold
  • S: Darian Thompson, Cameron Hartsfield
  • CB: Jonathon Moxey, Raymond Ford

Special Teams

  • K: Tyler Rausa, Blake Gonzalez
  • HOLD: Sean Wale
  • SNAP: Kevin Keane, Matt Cota
  • P: Sean Wale
  • KO: Tyler Rausa, Blake Gonzalez
  • KR: Jeremy McNichols, Kelsey Young
  • PR: Shane Williams-Rhodes, Donte Deayon

Notes and Wild Speculation

  1. Isn't it cool that Akilian Butler got a touchdown against Hawaii? It is great to see the young players being able to see game time, contribute, and then get rewarded for their efforts. With his opportunity, am curious to see if he will be making any moves up the depth chart. Or if he is going to be third for a while out of habit.
  2. Odhiambo had to leave for a bit during the Hawaii game. Glad it was nothing serious and he was able to get back on the field. The offensive line always has me worried because of all the possibilities of guys getting hurt. Especially the left tackle. Lewis is the back up, and I know he is capable to fill in, but it is always nice to have the reassurance of your starter being healthy and contributing. Here's to hoping for a continued healthy o-line.
  3. Anyone else happy to see that Kellen Buhr got some time as well?  A local walk-on getting rewarded with playing time! Was not too happy to see him get a false start penalty (and I doubt he was too pickled about it either) but it was probably due to jitters more than anything. I know I would have been pretty excited to get some time.
  4. I want to see more of Su'esu'e. Seeing him on the depth chart is like a tease. Always with the hope to see him get into the game.
  5. Huff with a touchdown. A "cool" one at that. Boo and Yah!
  6. Still no Turner. Still out with academic issues. Darn.
  7. Justin Taimatuia with the hammer last week!
  8. Good to see Vander Esch get some time. He picked up internal special teams player of the week. He picked up three solo tackles (tied for fifth with Horn) and a fumble recovery. The Baby Giraffe is making a great name for himself and hopefully he gets more time going forward.
  9. Darren Lee with two tackles (one for a loss), and an INT.
  10. With Nick Stevens coming up for Colorado State, look for ball hawks Thompson and Deayon to feast!!! Stevens leads the MWC in pass yards (1,129), has ten touchdowns, but has five INTs. Look for either Thompson or Deayon to tie the MWC record when Stevens decides to air it out.
  11. After Rausa's hilarious kicker high five snub, look for the Broncos to celebrate everything he does! Guy is Twitter famous, and it is QUITE awesome!

Your Turn

Anyone concerned about our depth at CB? Anyone curious to know if Turner will ever be back this season? How many INTs will Thompson and Deayon have, as a pair, after the game? Will Cory Young get his touchdown back? How many sacks is Correa due? So many questions!