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Where Boise State Stands After Crazy Weekend: Wake Up, Bronco Nation 10-5-15

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

Boise State Still Contender for NY6 Bowl

Dang it, Air Force! Who greased the football before going into the Navy game? I was counting on them to take one of the undefeated AAC teams out, but they couldn't seem to keep possession of the ball. The triple option lost the option of the pitch, making it only a double. Given, this makes me a little less concerned about our matchup with them this season on The Blue, but still, what happened to cross-branch rivalry elevating a game?

So anyway, we still have Memphis, Houston and Navy in the AAC who are undefeated, and Toledo from the MAC with a win over Arkansas. Temple is also in the mix. Only the conference champion of the AAC and MAC can be eligible for the NY6 bowl, so let's hope whoever that is suffers a loss between now and then.

WR Smith Dismissed from Team


I wonder what happened with Rick Smith? After his altercation with Jack Fields, I thought we were looking forward to a full recovery and a return to the field soon. There's more to this story, I'm sure. Personality conflicts, maybe. I dunno. It's up to me to go undercover and take a nap while someone else gets details!

In other news, Deayon and Thompson are both tied for 17 career interceptions after last game. The MWC (and FBS BSU) record stands at 18, and it's just a matter of time before either one of them breaks these records. Like one game. I love watching them ball hawk! It's like they're having a competition with one another, a-la Legolas and Gimli slaying orcs. My money is on Deayon breaking it first, but I'm really just saying that to keep stirring the pot of good coverage.

Boise State Appears in Top 25 Polls

It's nice to be back in the polls, but we have close company with Toledo and Memphis. Looking at the polls, I wonder if the coaches or press even pay attention to the games or if they are all just 'Bama homers? Why is Alabama ranked higher than Ole Miss or Florida?

Recaps of BSU/Hawaii Game

In case you missed watching it and would rather read words about it, here's a well-written recap by Rod Couch of Bronco Country and another from Blue-Turf. Included in the former are where our current players stand in relation to breaking records.

Martin Rushes Over 100 Yards

The Muscle Hamster guy is back! Here's how our other Idaho-tied players did over the weekend.


How to cut out any shape with one cut.