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Game Balls for Boise State versus Hawaii

Giving out game balls is harder than it looks...

Loren Orr/Getty Images

55-0. 111 points in the last two weeks against FBS opponents. Those opponents? 14 points. A lot to be taken away from these wins. Of note: the last time the Boise State defense allowed a touchdown at home? The Mountain West Championship game last year. Talk about protect the Blue™. Really cool stats aside, we have some individual efforts to chronicle. So lets get to it!

Game Ball One:

Donte Deayon

donte deayon

I am not sure why opposing offenses still think it is a "thing" to throw to his side of the field. Deayon had a relativey quiet night, but what he did do was shut down his receiver. He had the one INT, but also had two pass breakups. No tackles necessary for Deayon because, well, the opposing receiver is not going to be getting the ball anyway. The only downside is Deayon is leaving after this year. Just consider this his contract year because dude is going to get PAID on the next level. DBU is living up to its name.

Yeah. Do NOT throw to Deayon's side:

Game Ball Two:

Darian Thompson

Cannot really name one INT hawk without naming the other. But Thompson had more stats to talk about. Lead the team with six total tackles, five solo, add in his own INT and two pass breakups, Thompson is also adding to his resumé for the next level. At the press conference last night, the question was inevitably brought up about the competition between the two for most INTs and you can tell the strive to "be the best" is a motivator. As a duo Deayon and Thompson have seven INTs on the season. You know what is interesting about that?

That is a lot of production within the confines of two phenomenal players. Hate to see them go.

Game Ball Three:

Jeremy McNichols

jeremy mcnichols

McNichols is a touchdown machine. Adding two to bring his already lofty total to twelve. He finally hit the century mark on the season with 108 yards and a 5.4 yard average. The guy is fast, able to get to the edge and beat the defenders. He has great vision, is able to cut on a dime, and has the speed to get from point A to point B to keep a play going. It is a wonder that it took five games to get to this point, but Boise State has a nice stable of running backs to dish the ball. Harsin brought up the point in the press conference having the versatility is great for game planning. You know what else it is good for? Game Ball delivering!!!

Game Ball Four:

Ryan Wolpin


This one is mostly for making good use of your time once you get in the game. Wolpin did not disappoint. Wolpin got 40 yards on four--FOUR--attempts, with a long of 24 (and you know EXACTLY which one that was). That was good for the third most on the night for the Broncos. And the Rainbow Warriors? He would have been their leading rusher. Lakalaka had eight attempts for 34 yards. I know that the Broncos were doing the classy thing and just trying to run the clock down, but I was hoping Wolpin would bust one loose so he could get the touchdown he deserves.

Game Ball Five:

Brett Rypien

Brett Rypien

If you saw the game, there are a LOT of good things about this pick. 19-25, 271 yards, no INTs, and a 206.7 passer rating. Rypien dropped a beautiful rainbow to Chaz Anderson for the first touchdown, and Rypien did not look back. Oh. And there was this.

So, yeah, Rypien gets a game ball.

Your Turn

Yes. There was a lot on here. But there are genuinely a lot to give. Who is/are your other game ball recipient(s)? Correa for the awesome strip/sack that Witteck inexplicably recovered? Darren Lee for adding to the INT totals for the Broncos? The impressive 35,907 crowd (given the time, and the opponent, came pretty close to a sellout)? Moxey for his three pass breakups? The completely brutal hit Chanceller James laid on the poor Hawaii defender?

Jeremy Ioane and his sister, Jasmin, for being honorary captains (really cool, and touching, moment by the way)? There are plenty to give out this week, and for good reasons. No snub is intentional, but I could keep going all day to deserving Broncos. Let me know where I went wrong!