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Saturday CFB Gamethread

Let us rejoice in another Saturday of college football!

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

It is Halloween. A day of walking around, scary things, and eating stuff you probably shouldn't. I know I will be eating my children's candy. The Candy Tax is real, and it is mandatory.

What match ups are you eager to see?

UCF vs Cincinnati?

Georgia Tech vs Virginia?

Air Force vs Hawaii?

Arizona vs Washington?

Idaho vs New Mexico State? It is quite depressing when you realize that Idaho has a longer win streak (2) than Boise State. Really depressing. Going against winless New Mexico State, they have the real possibility of going 3-2 in the Sun Belt AND being a mediocre (that is an upgrade) 4-4 overall. After which, Idaho has games against: South Alabama, Appalachian State, Auburn, and Texas State. Could they, honestly, finish 6-6 and bowl eligible? Curious as to where they would go.

Interesting that the only matchup of top 25 teams is #9 Notre Dame and #21 Temple. Other than that, a bunch of ho-hum games that are mostly "meh." At this point in the season, if it is not Utah State losing to [insert random team here] then I am not really all that in to the games outside of an entertainment value.

So while the games roll on, enjoy commiserating with your compatriots here!