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Boise State Linebackers Step up in Vallejo's Absence: Wake Up, Bronco Nation 10-30-15

This squad runs deep.

Joe Mart makes paste.
Joe Mart makes paste.
Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

Vander Esch Enjoys Playing Time

The Baby Giraffe was nicknamed so because he had a huge frame, large hands, and not enough bulk. Linebackers coach Andy Avalos knew, "at some point, he had to grow into that thing." At 6'4", 234 lbs., I can imagine he'd be pretty formidable with more bulk, just how my family knew I was going to be a good singer, "once I grew into them teeth."

Martarano Closing Gap Behind Vallejo

As competent as Vallejo is at linebacker, it's good to know his replacements are competent as well. Joe Martarano, another Idaho product, was all over the field in last week's game, and it's only when I noticed how much he was playing that I realized Vallejo must be injured. (Seriously, I didn't even know he was out until I watched the game.) As we know, Joe Mart spends his summers playing minor-league baseball, but he's not sure if he'll return to it this summer. He likes playing football because "it's more physical."

But if he ever improves his sitting, standing, spitting, and scratching skills, he might reconsider baseball.

McNichols a Double Threat

It seems someone from the Las Vegas Review-Journal did their homework and watched last week's game against Wyoming, because they noticed how many times Wyoming got burned when they didn't account for McNichols catching passes out of the backfield. Many teams don't realize he was a receiver in high school who wanted a bigger role in the game, so he went with the school that would give him a chance to play running back. He can catch, UNLV!

BSU Women Picked 3rd in MWC Preseason Poll

Just that.


Did you know that BSU is no linger a trucking school? Yeah, that's right! They're getting recognized for innovations to higher education. (P.S. One of my former broadcasting students is in the picture accompanying the article.) Here's one of his projects that he did in the class.