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UNLV Anagram Roster

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

An anagram is like a word jumble; you take the letters from a word or phrase and mix them up to see what other words or phrases you can come up with. Try it for yourself.

University of Nevada-Las Vegas = A Slave Fainted Gas Virus Envoy

Tony Sanchez = Soy Zen Natch

Las Vegas, Nevada = A Vandal Gas Eves

Offensive starters for UNLV

  • LT: Kyle Saxelid = Dyslexia Elk
  • LG: Eric Noone = I No Encore
  • C: Will Kreitler = Ill Elk Writer
  • RG: Nick Gstrein = Cringe Stink
  • RT: J'Ondray Sanders = Sand Jars Yonder
  • TE: Jake Phillips = Kip Has Jell Pi
  • X: Devonte Boyd = Body Dove Net
  • A: Anthony Williams = Tallyho Mini Swan
  • Z: Kendal Keys = Dank Eel Sky
  • QB: Blake Decker = Blacked Reek
  • RB: Keith Whitely = Whitey Kilt Eh
  • (FB): George Naufahu = Ah Guano Refuge

Defensive starters for UNLV

  • DE: Sonny Sanitoa = A Nasty Onions
  • DT: Senituli Fakauho = If Uh Koalas Unite
  • DT: Mark Finau = I Fun Karma
  • SLB: Najee Johnson = Jean Noes John
  • MLB: Ryan McAleenan = Real Acme Nanny
  • WLB: Tau Lotuelei = Auto Lute Lie
  • CB: Torry McTyer = Mr Rot Yet Cry
  • SS: Peni Vea = Ape Vine
  • FS: Blake Richmond = Benchmark Idol
  • CB: Fred Wilson = I Wolf Nerds
  • NICK: Darius Mouton = Sumo Duration
  • KO: Nicolai Bornand = In Cannibal Odor
  • PK: Jonathan Leiva = In Java Ant Hole
  • P: Logan Yunker = On Leaky Rung
  • LS: Dakota Shackleton = A Headlock To Stank
  • HOLD: Troy Hawthorne = Errant Hoot Why
  • KOR: Aaron Criswell = All Scarier Now
  • PR: Keith Whitley = Hi Wheel Kitty