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Boise State's Odhiambo Suffers Broken Ankle: Wake Up, Bronco Nation 10-27-15

I'm back from the (wish I were) dead.

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

Odhiambo to Undergo Ankle Surgery

This is a huge blow to our O-line! The next man up (Archie Lewis) is going to have to fill a 6'4", 309 lb. hole. That being said, Lewis did well against Wyoming, filling in for my man Mario Yakoo, but Yakoo might be out for the game against UNLV this weekend. I hope Rypien is wearing literal under armour!

Sperbeck Nominated for Yahoo Catch-of-the-Week

Cast your vote now! (Although it seems public consensus might already have chosen him to win: But we like blowouts, right?) The thing that impressed me most about Sperbeck's catch, is that if he doesn't reach out and tap the ball, it's flying incomplete. Then, he concentrates on getting possession and making an NFL-legal catch, with two feet inbounds. (Are you paying attention, NFL scouts?) This, combined with his last second turnaround catch from last season, will make an entertaining highlight reel!

UNLV Game Time Set

Probably another midnight freezer, right? Hold on... 12:30 in the afternoon? How come we can't get a home game when the sun shines? Are we vampires?

Highlights from Wyoming Game:

P.S. Was anyone else yelling "FAT GUY TOUCHDOWN, FAT GUY TOUCHDOWN!" at the TV on Tyler Horn's interception? Maybe if all the Whos from Whoville participated...


Please, oh, please let this Kickstarter project happen! Anyone who went to an arcade in the 80s has longed for this!

Also, today marks my one-year anniversary writing for OBNUG! I had to send a churro Blizzard to Kevan Lee to bribe my way in. Hope it got there! In the news on my first day: Hedrick National Completion Percentage Leader.