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Game Balls for Boise State versus University of Wyoming

Cannot stop the freight train rolling through.

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

The outcome was the correct one this time. A Boise State win. Not a 50 burger, but it only takes one point to get the win. Though there is something to be said about style points. Speaking of style, there were some individual performances that were pretty stylish in their own right. How about we dole out some game balls?

Game Ball One:

Thomas Sperbeck


Mr. Sperbeck is a one man wrecking crew. Proving his worth by being the go to target for Mr. Rypien. But, really, all we needed was an excuse to post this again:

Congratulations, Sperbeck, on making stupid-awesome catches and, most importantly, getting another game ball!

Game Ball Two:

Jeremy McNichols

jeremy mcnichols

Mr. McNichols made his presence known in a great way, getting a school-record 40 touches (33 rushing / seven receiving) against Wyoming. The way McNichols runs, his burst of speed, and shifty moves allow him to get to the second level in the blink of an eye. With poor tackling, defenders have no hope of bringing him down. And, sooner or later, he will pop off a burst run. He managed three rush plays of 25, 32, and 34. Having such a dynamic back--one that Harsin commented during the presser could stand to play more receiver--makes Rypien's job easier.

Game Ball Three:

Tyler Horn

tyler horn

One of these days Mr. Horn is actually going to get a "fat guy" touchdown (I use quotations because though he technically plays on the d-line, he is quite svelte). As it stood, Horn had read the Wyoming screen beautifully, had his patience, and waited for Coffman to throw the ball to Horn's loving arms. It was the run back that was tragic! Horn was thicslose to scoring a pretty sweet pick six. Horn also added a pass break up to the repertoire.

Game Ball Four:

Tyler Rausa

Tyler Rausa

Mr. Rausa is still perfect from the 51 and closer, tacking two against Wyoming. The coaching staff is showing their confidence in the junior kicker and letting him shine. He also is not disappointing. For the season Rausa is 15-17 on field goals and 35-36 on PATs. Rausa has 80 points on the season, second only to McNichols (96). Congratulations Mr. High Five!

Your Turn

Who still needs a game ball? Darian Thompson with the FANTASTIC sack of Coffman on Wyoming's first drive (and then subsequent statistical domination)? The refs for bringing the game to a mind-numbing grinding halt? Because who wants to finish a game in under three hours, amiright?! Or how about the many subs that have had to step up and fill in for the downed starters (Martarano, Horton, et al.)?