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This, Too, Shall Pass: Boise State Still Great

After surviving the ordeal we know as "passing a kidney stone" this week, I would like to share some insights into the state of Boise State.

Cosmo Kramer definitely nails the sensation of having a kidney stone in the above clip. It's like someone is jabbing a knife in your abdomen and holding it there. No morphine could touch the pain when I was admitted to the ER! All drugs did was make me sleepy in between the pain.

So this article is not so much an excuse for missing a week of writing as it is an allegory to the current state of our football team. Okay, it's also an excuse. You probably couldn't comprehend my oxycodone ramblings if I had tried to write.

The pain of losing to Utah State in the fashion we did was almost too great to bear. Any time we saw a glimmer of hope (like Sperbeck snagging a great throw downfield), the pain would hit suddenly like the sharp knife of a forced fumble. Then, the pain was compounded every time we tried to make something good happen. It seemed to increase in frequency and intensity. The only thing that could possibly stop the agony was for it to be mercifully finished.

And therein lies my message:

This, too shall pass.

Like the rolling stone of a calcium deposit, life moves on. We leave the Logan ER and come home to the comfort of The Blue, feeling a little delirious from the beating and whatever drugs we turn to to dull the pain (crying while eating a Butterfinger Blizzard always works).

But we've got work to do.

We push past the pain and regroup. We examine the past only to improve the future. Stop eating hot, buttered scones before a game? Check. Drink more water? Check. Wee out a tiny, flaming goat-head of agony? Check.

We look at that little ball of ouch, rattling around inside a plastic container like a painful reminder off yesterday. It serves as a reminder of things we don't want to re-live. It's just a memory now, but it's one we'll quietly shelve and not show to friends out of embarrassment. Dr. Harsin will analyze it, and tell us healthy ways of moving forward.

That all being said, I sure don't envy Wyoming tonight.

They'll find themselves between a rock and a hard place, with no passage in sight.

Go Broncos!