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Predict the Score: Boise State versus University of Wyoming

Rob Gray-USA TODAY Sports

A game following a loss is always a morbid affair. You never quite know what to expect from the crowd, or the team. You hope to expect a good crowd, and you hope to expect a reinvigorated team. The home crowd did ok after the BYU loss. We'll see what happens today after the Utah State loss. Now we are up to that point in the week where we can either make conservative wins, or blowouts. But it is still football, so who knows what is really going to happen. Anyway, here are some fun tiebreakers to keep you busy!


  • How many SOLO tackles will Wyoming have total?
  • How many kickoffs will Boise State receive?
  • What will the temperature be at kickoff?

What Do I Get if I Win?

A firm, possibly virtual, high five and a personal note of encouragement from fearless leader, Drew, himself!

What About the Utah State Predict a Score?

No one won.

(And I do not mean to be snarky. No one predicted that Utah State would win. And, well, NO ONE really won last week. Except for Utah State.)

Your Turn

Leave your guess in the comments about what you think the score will be. If Vegas means anything to you, the line is Boise State -35. Not sure if that helps you, but there it is.

Good luck and Go Broncos!!!