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Boise State Basketball, Hockey, and Maybe Football: Wake up, Bronco Nation 10-23-2015

Broncos and Beavers are natural rivals, right?

Rob Gray-USA TODAY Sports

Wyoming Football seeks first road victory Saturday night against Boise State on the #smurfturf

That is the author's hashtag, not mine. This is just a little primer for the game tomorrow. Recapping Wyoming's previous win, at home, over Nevada and some info regarding Coffman and Hill. Interesting just how good, statistically, both of those athletes are, but not necessarily translating those into team wins.

College Basketball Conference Previews: Mountain West

Welp. It is that time of year again. At least it is a sport where Boise State has, at least, the chance to play for the national title. They go over statistical projections and possibilities. And try to get the "Drmictologist" some steam. Hey, I am not opposed to the idea if the Broncos can get a sweep of the regular season and conference playoffs, and a couple of wins in the NCAA. Anything less than that, though, and it is a no-go.

Boise State Hockey Club

I know it probably will not happen anytime soon (and certainly not before a baseball team) but I hope the university decides to turn hockey into a full varsity sport. They have games tonight, and Saturday, versus Oregon at the CenturyLInk Arena. $7 tickets. If you are not doing anything Friday, and do not mind taking a shuttle from down to the stadium, you could make it a Broncos weekend!

Five Trick Plays That Actually Worked

You have seen the Colt's "trick" play, right? If not check it out. The list has four professional teams and one collegiate team. And you'll never guess which one!!!


Beavers being dropped from crates? Beavers being dropped from crates.

Here is the video. Go to the seven-minute mark.