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We want to give you tickets to the Wyoming game

Will you let us?

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

Some of you might have seen IdahoRed's NEZ ticket offering in the sidebar this week...I sure did, and actively steered people to it so she could offload those tickets and fill those seats. Well, turns out IdahoRed didn't have any takers and so OBNUG decided to snag those very tickets up and give them away...because we all know the best kind of stadium seats are filled stadium seats (unless you're a stander...that's fine too). IdahoRed was nice enough to give us a price that was more than fair and now you and a guest can possibly go to Saturday's game for an even fair-er price: FREE.

The last time OBNUG gave away tickets it was for the Idaho State game...on the heels of a tough loss to BYU. This isn't a coincidence—the team needs your support all season long, but especially after a's rebound time and you can help by screaming your lungs out (note: you are not covered under OBNUG's medical plan). The Broncos need to get back on track and some pretty key 2016 recruits need to see what Bronco Nation's all about, so here's all you have to do:

Share your favorite gameday memory in the comments and you're entered to win 2 NEZ tickets for the Wyoming game*, and guess what? You have a second chance to win tickets over on OBNUG's facebook page. Two ways to win a pair of tickets to Saturday's game! Sweet deal. We'll pick winners at 5pm on Friday.

Good luck, and GO BRONCOS!

* Drawing will be as random as we can make as long as you have met the entry requirement, you've got a shot, so don't worry about word count, spelling, or grammar.