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Campus Insiders Previews Boise State/Hawaii: Wake Up, Bronco Nation 10-2-15

Getting lei'd or lei'd out?

Coach Harsin, lookin' like a BadBW
Coach Harsin, lookin' like a BadBW
Amber Searls-USA TODAY Sports

Preview of Boise State vs. Hawaii

Here's something I didn't know: Hawaii's defense is only allowing 5 yards per play. (Given 4 downs to make 10 yards, that's not saying much.) But I think Drinkwitz will find a way to make big plays with his freshman quarterback. No Drink and Dunk, here. (Unless that works, of course!)

An In-Depth Look at NY6 G5 Contenders

Someone needs to prove they can be true giant slayers before winning over the committee, as Boise State has in the past. I don't think the thought of a blowout against a poser G5 team would make for a very appealing bowl game. In order to make the game, we just need to take care of what we can, namely, beating the snot outta every MWC team, starting Saturday night.

Also, we need the other MWC teams to step up their game. Starting with:

Air Force vs Navy

Navy is one of those undefeated AAC teams, and the Air Force beating them would put them out of the mix should we beat them later this season. Easier said than done, right?

Matt Paradis Still Butt of Player Profile Pic Jokes

Even Jimmy Fallon is getting into the act of finding funny things with his picture! If only he knew...


What are we going to do tonight with no game to watch? Here's a list of "Fresh" streaming scary movies on Netflix from Rotten Tomatoes.