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Game Balls for Boise State versus Utah State

Well SOMEONE has to have earned one!

Rob Gray-USA TODAY Sports

Part of the grieving process is acceptance. And then moving on. Not a whole lot of good came out of the 52-26 whooping Utah State laid on our Broncos, but where there is a will, there is a way!

Game Ball One:

Thomas Sperbeck


All he was missing was a touchdown to go with his six catch and 156 yard performance. Even when the game was out of reach, he was still dependable for a long ball. Yes. He did have a fumble. But had he just fallen down, instead of the turnover, it would have been good for 32 yards! Despite the fumble, Sperbeck showed why he's one of the go to receivers for Rypien and made good by getting four first downs with his catches. Congratulations on another game ball Sperbeck!!

Game Ball Two:

Shane Williams-Rhodes

shane williams-rhodes

SWR had a pretty quiet night. Only five catches for 38 yards (he was targeted nine times). But this game ball is more for heart than anything. After Rypien threw an interception to Jalen Davis, SWR would have NONE of that nonsense, stripped the ball and recovered it! Senior leadership and a motor that would not quit. Congratulations SWR on another game ball!

Game Ball Three:

Tyler Rausa

Tyler Rausa

It is a good feeling to have a kicking game to depend on. And Rausa is that game--err--kicker! He only had two field goals on the night, but he made them both. The coaching staff is confident in his abilities and are allowing him to shine. Hopefully Rausa got plenty of high fives in this game. He deserves them.

Game Ball Four:

The Utah State Aggies

Have to give credit where credit is due. The Aggies came to play. Sometimes games just go every which way in your favor, and this one went the Aggies. They had the better athletes, better coaches, and better atmosphere. The players were motivated to play, the coaching staff had a great game plan that they stuck to that worked, and the fans stuck around till the end of the game. What can you say? The Broncos will rebound, and be fine, but this loss will sting a lot. For a while. But until then, congratulations Aggies. You deserved it.

Your Turn

Have any suggestions for game balls? The refs? The Aggies WERE penalized eleven times for a little over 100 yards. Perhaps the bus drivers for somehow making it to the game on time? Leave your thoughts in the comments.