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Knee-Jerk Reactions to the BSU Loss

I thought of doing something a little different today... I'm going to step aside and let my wife write her thoughts on the game. (She didn't actually see it; lucky her!) She doesn't know much about the game other than my reaction to it, so I'm going to let her guess and cheer you up the way she does me every day! Without further ado, my sweet wife:

Rob Gray-USA TODAY Sports

  • Get over it.
  • We've got work to do today!
  • I mean, you'll feel better if you go outside and do some yardwork.
  • The Aggies have moms, too.
  • Let them have their chance to shine.
  • Boise State does good most of the time, and the end result is all that counts, right?
  • I didn't watch the game, but I could tell my husband was disappointed.
  • Thanks for typing for me, sweetheart.
  • Stop it!
  • (LOL) I can't stop laughing!
  • Sorry, I don't want to talk anymore if you're going to write everything I say!
  • Maybe we'll have turnovers for dessert. (For some reason that word is in my head.)
  • It's disappointing.
  • BUT... we learn from our mistakes.
  • Boise will come back.
  • I hope the Aggies do really well (just to show what a good team they really are).
  • Is this helping you feel better? (She just hugged me; yes.)
  • I'm glad we weren't at the game. I want to go to a game we'll win.
  • If we go to the trouble of getting a babysitter and traveling, they'd better.
  • Who gave out the hot, buttered scones before the game? (Sorry, this is Russ just throwing that in.)
  • Maybe if I had worn my lucky BSU shirt, we would've won.
  • Call your mom and tell her you love her today!
  • Thank her for walking through the valley of the shadow of death to bring you into this world.
  • Go on a walk and think of all you're grateful for.
  • Happy Halloween!
  • (Now you don't need to waste time on the weekends watching other stupid teams! -Russ)
  • Go Broncos!