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Saturday CFB Gamethread

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

Ok Guys. Another college football saturday!!

I had this really weird nightmare that the Broncos laid some sort of egg and just got totally WORKED by Utah State.This nightmare included EIGHT turnovers, Utah State scoring three touchdowns in 44 seconds of game time, and a 50 burger against the Broncos!!

But that can not be real, right? I mean, in this nightmare Rypien had thrown three interceptions and lost two fumbles, no WAY would that happen, right?

Oh. It did? You mean we do not play today?

Well hamburgers.

Ah well, there is STILL some good football to be watched today and an opportunity to see some other good teams have weird, inexplicable, losses. Hopefully you can use today, and this thread, to enjoy said games and help the healing process.

I know I will.

So do not let yesterday's... unpleasantness... spoil your Saturday or weekend. Come kick back, relax, and enjoy the football!

Go Broncos!